Salesforce and QuickBooks integration

data integration best practices


The main goals driving the development of Apatar project in 2010 are further refactoring of the desktop Apatar application, enabling connectivity to new data sources, and release of new pre-designed data integration kits and on-demand solutions.

Apatar 2.0

Apatar 2.0 will be an application with a totally new architecture that will allow more implementation options. It will have a clearly defined user interface and ETL engine parts making it possible to install it at any server, with or without GUI, and run it as a service.


Over the past years Apatar has enabled connectivity to over 40 different data sources and data quality services, including applications, databases, files, protocols and many more. And we do not plan to stop.

The goal for 2010 is to "teach" Apatar how to work with:

QuickBooks Online
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We invite you to join the team and support the project sharing the code you created with us and the rest of Apatar community or sponsoring the above connectors or other pieces of functionality you're interested in.

Contact us to let us know of the new features you developed for Apatar or to find out more about sponsorship options.

Kits and Solutions

As part of your Apatar evaluation process you most likely tried out some pre-designed datamaps and data integration kits that we have available at our sites. We aim to develop more such pre-built integrations linking data between a variety of systems including such popular CRM applications as Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Email or call us to let us know what data integration kits would be most beneficial for you and your business.