Salesforce and QuickBooks integration

data integration best practices


"Open source is driven by real people like you and me, helping each other make our day-to-day work easier and more productive. Every contribution to the Apatar project extends the way companies manage their information, perhaps, one of the most valuable assets in the global economy. We value and appreciate each and every contribution you are making to the project."

Renat Khasanshyn, founder of Apatar

Marian Edu
IT Consultant
Project Owner at Ganimede - OpenSource Project

Contributed connectors for ProgressDB versions 10 and 9

Robert Wunsch

Contributed connectors for Salesforce sandbox

Marek Suchowski
IT-Consultant CRM/BW/BI
Telematika GmbH

Made a donation


Patryk Szczypien
Software Engineer GmbH

Fixed a problem with the URL-type field in SugarCRM connector.
Fixed a timestamp problem in PostgreSQL connector.
Created CurrentTimestamp function.


Aamir Tauqeer
Project Manager
Digital Processing System, Inc.

Contributed a connector for FireBird database


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