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Pre-packaged Services

To help you shorten time-to-deployment, and reduce implementation costs, consider pre- packaged Integration Services:

Pre-packaged Integration Services

Apatar Workshop
This one-day workshop is designed to show how Apatar can help your company. The workshop helps you to define a thorough understanding of your information environment and integration requirements and to identify integration risks. A demonstration of the product concentrating on certain appropriate functions tailored to your businesswill be provided.
Apatar Jump Start
To accelerate getting you up and running on the Apatar, this packaged service is designed to help you quickly get up and running with out-of-the box Apatar functions, connectivity, and transformations. Apatar's data integration architect will blend into your existing information flow, and review existing information flow, data sources, and data targets. Together with your team, an Apatar professional will review all of the objectives, success criteria, and risk factors for the upcoming integration project. You will benefit from the insights and experience of numerous successful Apatar implementations and industry best practices to ensure a timely and cost-effective implementation. Deliverables include pilot integration across your data sources and targets. In addition, a written estimate of the upcoming integration risks, costs, and duration is provided to assist in making an informed decision about how to quickly and effectively solve your integration challenges.
Implementation Advice
Already have an integration project under way?
Apatar data integration experts can help you shorten time-to-results by providing expert support across the entire information integration life-cycle and development of custom connectors.
Onsite/Remote Training
Want to get your in-house development team to gain knowledge and skills necessary for integration design, implementation and maintenance?
Apatar provides onsite and offsite training sessions led by expert Apatar data integration architects and consultants with real-life experience in Apatar deployment, customization and maintenance. Training can help you acquire critical skills necessary to independently conduct data integration projects using Apatar.
Performance and Tuning Advice
Apatar data integration experts will review your integration architecture to assess the state of your integration and provide detailed recommendations for optimizing the performance of your integration and identifying risks and possible deficiencies within your Apatar deployment.

Contact Apatar to request availability and pricing for pre-packaged and custom Apatar Integration Services.