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Partner Program Components

The program offers many different levels of membership to align with your company's size and business model. Our partner program is very flexible and lets you decide how you want to partner with Apatar. We want to work with you to devise a strategy that is specific to your needs and that will help you leverage the Apatar brand and expertise to increase market exposure and revenue. Apatar is committed to helping partners grow and support the Apatar market.

Sell-through Components
Joining the Apatar partner program allows you to bundle and re-sell Apatar services. Since most partners already sell support for their software, it only makes sense that they bundle support services in order to extend trust to end-users and offer quick resolution to any Apatar issues. Reselling Apatar support is much more cost effective than funding in-house Apatar expertise, and allows you to create a new revenue stream. Apatar will typically provide level 2 & 3 support, while you provide the level 1 support that your customers expect.

Marketing Components
Apatar is a recognized leader in the open source data integration market, and our brand name is associated with quality and innovation. Apatar has received many industry accolades and we strive to maintain our market strength. Apatar would like to extend our sales and marketing efforts to include partners. Activities include creation of case studies, white papers, webinars, lead generation campaigns, and participation in joint events and trade shows.

Partner Assist Component
The Apatar partner program provides you access to the Apatar Knowledge Base. This component provides one-click searches for technical knowledge across all Apatar website data sources, source code, and JIRA bug tracking system along with premium content only available to Apatar subscribers and partners.

Certification Components
With the broad adoption of Apatar software, enterprises are looking for the peace of mind that comes with being certain that your software will be compatible with Apatar technology. Certification demonstrates to your end-users that you have partnered with Apatar to ensure that your applications are tuned and optimized to run on the Apatar platform.