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New Apatar v1.12.13: Copy/Paste Connectors, Use Encrypted E-mail Connection, etc.

October, 31, 2010, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team has announced the release of Apatar Open Source Data Integration v1.12.13. It features improvements in the connector for E-mail and in the connector for Salesforce CRM, the ability to copy and paste datamap components, and other new functionality.

New Apatar v1.12.12: Up To 200x Times Faster and Better Error-Resistance

August 12, 2010, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced the release of Apatar Open Source Data Integration v1.12.12. It features significant data processing speed-up (up to 200x), improvements in the connector for Salesforce CRM, and automatic log clearing. In addition, when working on the build, we decided to commit a sufficient amount of time to fixing bugs found over a long period of time.

Apatar Retrieves Deleted Records from Salesforce CRM and Enables Bulk Updates

May 4, 2010, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced the release of Apatar Open Source Data Integration v1.12.3. It features the ability to retrieve deleted records from Salesforce CRM, increased data processing speed by implementing bulk migrations, the Delete mode for JDBC-based connectors, as well as a number of bug fixes.

Apatar Allows to Automatically Truncate Text to Specified Length

April 16, 2009, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced the Crop Right function that enables to automatically cut off text strings from the right side. Users may specify a desirable number of characters from the left to remain, and all the rest will be cropped. This may be especially useful when migrating text to a field with limited number of symbols allowed.

Apatar at CeBIT Enterprise Mashups Panel (Hannover, Germany)

March 11, 2009, Chicopee, MA – On March 4, Ludmila Radzevich, VP of Business Development at Apatar, participated as one of the experts in the panel on “Business Solutions with Enterprise Mashups” at CeBIT 2009. Panelists from a range of companies, from SMBs to large enterprises (such as IBM), discussed how mashups are integrating into corporate environment.

Apatar Data Integration Parses the Text of E-mails Omitting System Information

February 9, 2009, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced the Parse E-mail Body function, which outputs the text of an e-mail body, removing the headers and other system information. The function may be of use, for instance, when migrating contact e-mail history from one CRM system to another or saving customer messages in a legible form. Users also may find it easy to configure the access to a desired mail box and choose the type of messages to be processed (incoming or outcoming).

Apatar Honored Most Active Community Members of 2008

January 9, 2009, Chicopee, MA — The Apatar Team launched the Apatar Community Awards (ACA) program that will be held annually in the following three nominations: Top Apatar Developer, Top Datamap Contributor, and Top Forum Member. The awards, created to pay tribute to the efforts and input of Apatar community, will be decided based on the number of features, datamaps, and posts submitted by the most active community members.

New Apatar Blog Explores Key Trends and Challenges in Data Integration, Providing Best Practices and

Alena Semeshko, Data Integration Evangelist at Apatar, started a blog on data integration, ETL, data quality, and related topics.

November 20, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market, officially announced a new blog on the current problems and issues in the world of data integration. Ms. Alena Semeshko, Data Integration Evangelist at Apatar, provides news, tips, ideas, opinions, and thoughts on data integration, mashups, ETL, data quality, application integration (EAI), data management, business intelligence, etc. The readers will also find practical advice on the most controversial issues along with the most up-to-date information on Apatar’s progress.

Apatar Simplifies Migration of Customer History from GoldMine to Salesforce CRM, Reducing Workload by Factor of Five

New pre-built data integration solution from Apatar enables GoldMine to Salesforce CRM migration of customer activity history, prevents data loss, and ensures customer data quality, cutting development and maintenance costs.

October 28, 2008, Chicopee, MA- Apatar, Inc., a provider of open source tools for data integration, today announced the GoldMine to Salesforce History Migration solution, which migrates client activity history between GoldMine and Salesforce CRM. This pre-build solution allows Apatar users to integrate e-mails, calendar events, invitations, and other history activities from the MS SQL instances of GoldMine to Salesforce CRM, linking each to the right contact. Apatar customers can also save time and avoid loss of data by setting the solution to preserve correct links between activities and the users to which they are assigned. Implementing this solution lowers development and maintenance workload up to a factor of five compared to manual programming.

Apatar Explains How to Reduce ETL and Data Integration Costs by 80%

October 23, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Apatar released the white paper that aims to help organizations reduce ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and data integration costs. This document analyzes the Total Cost of Ownership of a typical data integration project, measures the cost structure, and identifies ways to cut each cost down. Readers will also find best practices and examples of how major companies saved on open source and data integration.

Apatar Accelerates Customer Data Integration Between Open Source SugarCRM Package and 3rd-party Applications

New Apatar connector enables companies to integrate SugarCRM suite with databases, flat files, other CRM/ERP applications, and top Web 2.0 destinations, all without coding.

October 16, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market, today officially announced connectivity to the SugarCRM open source suite. The new SugarCRM connector is designed to integrate data between the popular customer relation management system and a variety of 3rd-party data sources, allowing for this data to be filtered, validated, and cleansed. Provided with Apatar’s drag-and-drop interface, the SugarCRM connector does not require coding skills and can be deployed by almost any business user.

Apatar Controls Number of Scheduled Data Integration Launches

October 9, 2008, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team added a counter to limit the number of transformation launches within the Scheduling application of the Apatar Open Source Data Integration solution. The new feature allows Apatar users to specify how many times the transformation should run before it stops. Apatar users will find the new feature particularly useful whenever synchronization needs to occur multiple times throghout a specified time interval. That way, instead of having Apatar run constantly and check the same data over and over, users can set synchronization to run only whenever it is convenient and/or there is a need for it.

Apatar Data Integration Sums Up Multiple Field Values

September 11, 2008, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced the Sum function that enables adding multiple field values and creating total sum combinations. The new function allows Apatar users not only to find the sum of multiple field values automatically, but also to add up any given integer constant to a specified field value. Apatar users will find the new function particularly useful in generating reports, when a total of data from different fields needs to be found.

First Step of Apatar Refactoring Is Completed

August 15, 2008, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced today that the first step of Apatar refactoring is now completed. You may find a brief summary below.

Apatar Data Integration and Vertica Analytic Database Accelerate Corporate Data Analysis

New Apatar connector allows users to extract/load data from/to Vertica® Analytic Database, to improve data quality without any custom coding, and to deliver integrations across multiple data sources just in time.

August 6, 2008, Chicopee, MA - Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source tools for data integration, today announced connectivity to the Vertica Analytic Database, a high-performance, grid-based column-oriented database management system used for analytics and business intelligence. The new connector enables both developers and business users to migrate data between the Vertica Analytic Database and third-party applications without any custom coding and allows for this data to be filtered, validated, and cleansed.

Apatar Provides Connectivity to Sandbox

July 30, 2008, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team announced connectivity to Sandbox, which is a separate on-demand application environment where developers can build, test, and deploy Salesforce-related applications. The team confirmed that Apatar Data Integration can now successfully process Sandbox’s data using the connector for

KID Delivers Apatar Open Source Data Integration to South Africa

July 23, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Knowledge Integration Dynamics (KID), a Johannesburg-based company that delivers high-performance business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration, and data management solutions, has concluded a system integrator partnership agreement with U.S.-headquartered Apatar to distribute its open source data integration suite in South Africa. KID will use, consult, train, and offer support services for the Apatar integration package that offers a single interface into all integration projects across Mac OS, Windows, and Linux using an open source architecture and modular applications that deliver flexible deployment options.

Apatar Team Is Refactoring Apatar Source Code and Architecture

July 17, 2008, Chicopee, MA – The Apatar Team started refactoring the code and architecture of the Apatar Open Source Data Integration application to optimize its core structure and improve user experience. With having both architecture and code revised, Apatar will make it easier to work with the source code in Java IDEs, create custom connectors, implement new functionality, and release builds. It will also minimize the risk of producing new bugs after implementing new features or fixes.

Apatar Launches Hosted and QuickBooks Integration, Slashes Deployment Time by a Factor of Ten

Apatar reveals implementation of its hosted service takes 30 minutes or less using a browser. Apatar On-Demand was designed to automatically de-duplicate data while synchronizing accounts, opportunities, purchase orders, and invoices between on-demand CRM and the QuickBooks accounting system.

July 10, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market, today launched Apatar On-Demand for CRM and QuickBooks accounting software. Apatar On-Demand Edition is a hosted service that synchronizes order data between CRM and desktop QuickBooks accounting software. It was designed for business users, so the process of setting up the integration link does not require technical skills. Apatar On-Demand Edition for and QuickBooks allows running one- or two-way, recurring or one-time synchronization of account, contact, order, and opportunity data, while preserving links between tables in both and QuickBooks.

Apatar Data Integration Replaces Multiple Field Values

June 27, 2008, Chicopee, MA – Apatar Team announced the Replace With function that enables multiple field value substitutions. Now Apatar users can automatically traverse strings for mutliple text values and replace them at a time, rather than apply manual field-by-field replacement iterations. The new function also allows users to specify whether the replacement should be case sensitive or not and whether the part of a value or the entire string needs to be replaced.

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