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Apatar Simplifies Migration of Customer History from GoldMine to Salesforce CRM, Reducing Workload by Factor of Five

New pre-built data integration solution from Apatar enables GoldMine to Salesforce CRM migration of customer activity history, prevents data loss, and ensures customer data quality, cutting development and maintenance costs.

October 28, 2008, Chicopee, MA- Apatar, Inc., a provider of open source tools for data integration, today announced the GoldMine to Salesforce History Migration solution, which migrates client activity history between GoldMine and Salesforce CRM. This pre-build solution allows Apatar users to integrate e-mails, calendar events, invitations, and other history activities from the MS SQL instances of GoldMine to Salesforce CRM, linking each to the right contact. Apatar customers can also save time and avoid loss of data by setting the solution to preserve correct links between activities and the users to which they are assigned. Implementing this solution lowers development and maintenance workload up to a factor of five compared to manual programming.

Most data migrations fail to meet expectations or never get built

According to Standish Group, 30% of data migration projects fail, while Bloor Research study found 84% of data migrations fail to meet expectations. The problem often lies in making source data comply with target formats and standards, which requires a lot of time and efforts on the developer's side. That is why, to enable migration of GoldMine's History to Salesforce CRM, Apatar came up with a pre-built solution that automatically matches fields and tables between the two systems. By connecting records based on GoldMine contact IDs, Apatar preserves links between tables, eliminates errors, and prevents data loss during migration.

"Avoiding manual coding, this solution will be of particular interest to corporate users of CRM systems,” said Renat Khasanshyn, founder and CEO of Apatar. “Migrating contact data or integrating customer history may take months of coding, lead to huge data losses, or simply fail. That’s where this pre-built solution comes into place, as, according to Gartner, 75 percent of leading companies are incapable of creating a unified view of the customer."

Solution's features and benefits:
- No coding! Pre-built mapping automatically matches fields and tables.
- Ability to change mapping and transformation rules visually through a drag-and-drop interface
- Avoid duplicated customer information by transferring only the primary e-mails of contacts
- Custom SQL queries support within MS SQL-based GoldMine connectors
- Reusable pre-built components non-intrusive to Salesforce CRM implementation lower maintenance costs.
- Decrease development and maintenance workload up to a factor of five over manual programming
- Reduce implementation costs

Solution pricing and package

The distributed package consists of a custom Apatar data integration application containing MS SQL and Salesforce conectors with pre-built fields/tables mapping. It will be distributed at the price of $995.00 per solution. There is also a promo offering of $499.00 per solution valid until November 30, 2008. Five hours of free support are included. Additional support can be purchased at the rate of $80 per hour. The package also includes a free detailed user guide.

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