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Apatar Honored Most Active Community Members of 2008

January 9, 2009, Chicopee, MA — The Apatar Team launched the Apatar Community Awards (ACA) program that will be held annually in the following three nominations: Top Apatar Developer, Top Datamap Contributor, and Top Forum Member. The awards, created to pay tribute to the efforts and input of Apatar community, will be decided based on the number of features, datamaps, and posts submitted by the most active community members.

For the year 2008 the winners and runner-ups in each nomination are announced as follows:

Patryk Szczypien, who created the CurrentTimestamp function and fixed a number of critical bugs, as the Top Developer
Marian Edu, who contributed the connector for ProgressDB, as the first runner-up in this nomination
Robert Wunsch, who contributed the connector for Sandbox, as the second runner-up

Alan Glass as the Top Datamap Contributor
Gerd Wohlgenannt as the first runner-up
Georgeann Zitkus as the second runner-up

Marek Suchowski as Apatar’s Top Forum Member
Dave Geller as the first runner-up
Paul McGurn as the second runner-up

The three winners (Top Developer, Top Datamap Contributer, and Top Forum Member) are granted 15 hours of free consulting. Thank you guys for making the project happen!

"Community attracted by Apatar has grown significantly over the last 6 months,” said Renat Khasanshyn, the founder of Apatar. “We appreciate contributions and feedback given by our community team members for the benefit of all Apatar users."

For more details on Apatar Community Awards, please visit

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