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Getting Involved

Apatar Manifesto:

Source Code
We believe that the quality of the core code base determines how easy or hard it is for all of us to work together and push Apatar forward.
We feel responsible for the success of the project, including the support of new contributors and facilitating communication across e-mail, mailing lists, and forums.
We strive – and encourage those who commit to the project—to be present in the mailing list and chat room so as to help fellow developers and new contributors  feel less alone.
Often, there just isn't enough documentation available yet for new features and connectors. Sometimes there are questions to be answered. It is our goal to address every question in order to quickly solve the bottleneck standing between you and successful usage of Apatar.
We share our short and long-term goals with you in order to leverage all benefits of a joint community effort to build a truly open, great piece of software.
Founders Commitment
We strive to be dedicated to work on the project, investing time for the further development of the software and the community.
We understand that every community is different and lives by its own rules. We believe that all of us should be patient with each other and support new members so that they can  become  vibrant community leaders.