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Data Integration for SugarCRM

Are you already working or considering SugarCRM?

Do you need to quickly and affordably connect and transform customer data into SugarCRM from a variety of data sources and formats?

With Apatar, you can integrate your sales and marketing data - such as marketing lists, leads, customers, accounts, opportunities and sales orders - with your accounting, ERP, Business Intelligence and other business applications.

Download Apatar today and integrate your SugarCRM data without expensive and time-consuming custom programming - Apatar will let you integrate your data "out of the box" without any coding expertise.

Apatar connector for SugarCRM will dramatically shorten your implementation time and reduce the complexity and resources associated with customer data integration.

Data Integration Kits

To save you time, effort, and money Apatar has created a number of pre-mapped Salesforce and SugarCRM integration solutions.

SugarCRM integration
Apatar's solution for Salesforce to SugarCRM contacts integration enables migration and integration of contacts information from Salesforce to SugarCRM.
Salesforce to SugarCRM migration
Apatar's solution for Salesforce to SugarCRM accounts and contacts integration will help you migrate or integrate accounts and related contacts information from Salesforce to SugarCRM.