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Data Integration for GoldMine

Looking for a way to integrate your GoldMine with other systems or databases? Need an affordable easy-to-use solution?Apatar is a perfect tool for you. It's your painkiller for data integration, data warehousing, and data mashup projects.



Simple-as-never-before designer interface
Apatar has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface designed for NO CODING™ implemetations. It's never been easier building even complex transformations.
Improved data quality Forget about manual correction of your customer data. Validate, correct, and enrich it using data quality connectors included in standard Apatar application.
Easy optimization Along with Join, Filter and other operations you can also use SQL queries right within connectors to collect data from linked tables, filter it, and perform other actions even before your data gets to Apatar.
Metadata management Save your integration in XML and re-use it, when needed.


Data Integration Kits

GoldMine contacts migration
Apatar's solution for GoldMine to Salesforce integration will help you easily integrate your contacts between the two systems.
GoldMine history migration
Apatar's solution for GoldMine to Salesforce history migration is designed to simplify the process of moving your GoldMine contacts completed activities to Salesforce.



Supported Operating Systems: Win NT, 2000, XP, XP Pro, Win. Server, 2003, Linux RedHat, SUSE Linux, Solaris

Supported Salesforce Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Professional (download a turn-key solution or contact us to receive your free copy Apatar working with Professional edition of Salesforce)

Supported GoldMine Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, DB2


To schedule a personalized demo or learn more about Apatar solutions for GoldMine, please contact Apatar.