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Customers Speak

"I have now successfully been able to create a relatively complex datamap, which involves inserting and updating records from MySQL into Salesforce, pulling back the IDs generated from SF, and then updating the original source MySQL table with the IDs. With the speed updates in 1.12.12, the entire datamap ran in less than 15 seconds for 2000+ records. Wow!"

Brad Howie
Integral IT Solutions
"I am very impressed with Apatar. I think it’s a great tool. I used and saw many ETL tools that were very expensive and were not nearly as intuitive and easy to use as Apatar."

Timothy Graf
Sr. Development Engineer
Activant Solutions Inc.
"Apatar is an excellent and very versatile tool for Data Integration. It is easy to set up and use. Even a non-technical person with minimal knowledge should not have a problem using Apatar since a lot can be done with no coding required. From the very basic to highly in-depth, Apatar is an excellent choice. There is a wealth of documentation available on their website to help with setup or applications, along with a great forum for help and suggestions. I would also have to say that their support is excellent!"

Kurt Baker
Applications Programmer
"I have downloaded and tested a lot of ETL products (all open source) and Apatar was the only one that worked at the first strike (no serverside needed, no problem with the Oracle JDBC)"

Andrea Ronchese
Integrated Management System Manager
S.A. Giuseppe Cristini S.p.A.
"Apatar has proven easier to use and more intuitive than a lot of $200 to $3k apps I've looked at. It's impressively straightforward.
Great product!"

Alan Patternson
Apatar User
"I always prefer this tool.
In my current data migration project I used Apatar and made it popular across all my community members and colleagues.
This tool is amazing and I appreciate Apatar team efforts."

Rohit Sharma
Sr. QA Lead
Astadia Inc.
"We have used Apatar for quite a while now. The product is powerful, easy-to-use, and suits our Extract-Transform-Load needs perfectly. The support we have received via the Apatar Community Forum has always been prompt and thorough. We are very pleased."

David M. Hayes
IT Manager
Hartness International
"You have a great, user-friendly, and must-have software. Before I found it, I spent hours of my spare time to switch from one database format to another with big troubles related to handling duplicates, converting formats, and so on. With Apatar, I found an easy way to update and insert records to different sources very quickly. Thanks!"

Business Development Manager
"I've used Apatar to successfully and quickly deal with several CMS data migrations now. I'm very happy with the features & ease of use.
Not much else I can say except Apatar is now my Swiss Army Knife for database "stuff" - it does everything I want, and it just works!"

Brad Cook
Swordfrog Systems
"Apatar был моим спасением, когда мне нужно было перекинуть около 2000 строк из нескольких таблиц Excel в SugarCRM. Встроенные в Sugar средства импорта по некоторым причинам не справились с поставленной задачей."

Егор Ушаков
Пользователь Apatar
"Apatar was a life saviour for me when I needed to migrate about 2000 records from several MS Excel spreadsheets to SugarCRM. Sugar’s migration tools weren't able to cope with the task for some reason. Thanks to Apatar for solving this problem!"

Egor Ushakov
Apatar User
"Thank you for this fantastic software, it's very intelligent and funny to connect various components :)"

Giov Pres
Apatar User
"Apatar has been a valuable tool for helping us integrate our legacy production system with our CRM application. Additionally, Sergei has been responsive to our inquiries and flexible in offering solutions customized to our specific needs. I would definitely recommend Apatar."

Greg Rohman
Director of Interactive Communications
Advantage Group
"We came accross Apatar while evaluating integration tools for Salesforce, the system we specialize on (S4G Consulting is a Consulting Partner). It is a powerful, easy to use, open source and, what is best, free integration tool. We decided to use it in a project for a Non Profit that had no budget for such a tool (the alternatives cost anything from USD 1,300 per year to USD 20,000!). We managed to get it to work quite quickly thanks to the help from their Support, which is simply outstanding. We will definetely keep using this product in the future and we highly recommend it. Thanks"

Javier Heitz
S4G Consulting
"Апатар помог сделать маркетинговую рассылку за считанные секунды, принимая во внимание тот факт что мы не используем CRM приложения. Спасибо за продукт."

Александр Корбутовский
Технический Директор
ОДО "IQ-link"
"Apatar helped us send out marketing campaign emails within seconds, considering that we don’t use any CRM system. Thanks a lot for the tool."

Aleksander Korbutovski
JSC "IQ-link"
"Thank you for the Apatar Application. It was so easy to configure! In fact, it took longer to determine which fields to synchronize than it did to use your drag and drop connectors to implement our integration. Plus, when I had questions before trying new scenarios, the online community was very helpful."

Josh Monson
Director, IT Business Services
Enfora, Inc.
"I completed my first successful Goldmine to SugarCRM conversion of Contacts, Accounts using your tool. Thanks so much for having a great, free product out there."

Zac Krebs
Senior Technician
ACW Solutions, Inc.
"Apatar is so impressive, I loved it, and I want to use it."

Leandro Cesquini Pereira
Director of Technology
AIVO IT Solutions, Brazil
"I was impressed how easy it is to use this tool and to obtain results quickly. The lack of knowledge on how to perform some specific functions was rapidly solved within the forum. I will use it for Data Quality Assessments and Migration, being interested in following the future development of this tool, which started in the right direction."

Fabio Pifferini, PMP®
Internal SAP Consultant Data Management
Corporate Information Technology

"I can't tell you how impressed I am. Thank you VERY much for your good work."

David Baumann, Esquire
TechNexxus, LLC

"I'm a web developer and was searching for some integration utility.
I did like Apatar, It is great.
Thanks and congratulations on your software, keep the good work!"

Andres Amaya Diaz
Lead Programmer and ERP Consultant
Realhost S.A.

"Simply incredibly easy to use.
As a sales manager my technical level is really far away from the desirable to use one of these integration tools.
But following the web demos of Apatar web, and applying common sense, I could integrate contacts database of a client ecommerce with SugarCRM.
For migration purposes is simply incredible.
Continue with this job, it will be really helpfull for system integrators, etc.
100% recommended."

Julio Bleda Lуpez
Сommercial Director
ClearTIC S.L.

"Thanks a lot for the product!
I couldn't find other products that would extract data from XML with long fields. With Apatar, you can do it easily!"

Vera Ekimenko
Apatar User

"Большое спасибо за продукт!
Я не нашла аналогов по извлечению информации из XML с длинными полями. В Apatar'е это делается без проблем!"

Вера Екименко
Пользователь Apatar

"I love Apatar! This application rocks as I have searched for something like this for ages. It was user friendly even for me."

Karl Wildermoth
Electrodata Pty Ltd.

"In collaboration with Apatar, we came up with a dynamic stock market simulation project which exceeded expectations. Being highly satisfied and grateful, we would recommend Apatar to anyone who needs to solve data integration issues across their projects."

Rakesh Varna
National Institute of Technology
Karnataka, India

"Providing connectivity to many databases, Web 2.0 destinations, and business applications, Apatar shows enterprise readiness. The fact that it is a desktop application has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is smooth integration into an operating system as well as access to local files, e.g. spreadsheets that are still used to store data."

Sebastian Weber
Fraunhofer IESE

"Using Apatar was very easy. I didn't even look at a tutorial to migrate my MS Access database to PostgreSQL. The process was also very fast compared to other alternatives. Thanks Apatar development team!"

Tumer Topcu
Environmental Tectonics Corporation