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The Gartner Group estimates that 65% to 85% of expected CRM implementation benefits come from integration of information flows.

However most of consulting partners deliver the remaining 20% to 30% benefits by simply configuring and 3rd party tools mostly improving personal productivity. Data management and data integration is expensive. That's why most consulting shops to perform very little to no information integration in a typical implementation. That's why only 5% to 10% of consulting shops have independent in-house data integration/validation teams which sign-off on implementation.

Most consultants structure teams according to cost. The more inexperience loaded into the team, the higher the margins. This rarely brings strategic value.

Apatar business model significantly differs from that of traditional consulting shops. Unlike most consulting companies, Apatar's sole focus is extracting deep value by performing heavy lifting in the area of business process change management and information integration. By working with Apatar you can ultimately accelerate time-adjusted returns from your implementation, while getting benefits typically not available from consulting firms:
Proprietary pre-build migration data maps
Certified connectors to
Stable 25+ connectors to 3rd party applications including Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL
Scalability Benchmarks
3rd Party API Support
Access to specialized data integration tools
Finally, Apatar recognize that most implementation projects are not static. Requirements and data will evolve with your business. By partnering with Apatar, you can tap into a proven implementation approach.