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Business Mashup Challenges

Dion Hinchcliffe explores “The 10 top challenges facing enterprise mashups” in a recent post. Have a look at his article to get an idea about the state of business mashups today. He raises urgent questions and issues.

If enterprise mashups unleash hundreds of new applications inside an organization, then who will catalog them, support them, maintain them, and fix them when they break? The IT department? The business units? Using what tools? This is an objection I frequently get from enterprise IT about their fears that mashups will bring back the horrors of having unsupported Microsoft Access-based apps running loose in their organization [...]

Definitely, without support or, at least, ongoing collaboration, mashups can become just some old toys buried in a sandbox. That’s why it is a critical challenge when you consider any data integration or mashup tool. Are there community that can help you solve your problem? Do they sell a non-customized product, or it is constantly evolving and can be adjusted to your current needs? What plans do hey have for the next few years? Sometimes it is important to look beyond tomorrow.

Dion also referres to another article, which predicts “Ten strategic technologies to watch in 2008″. To name few, metadata, virtualization, RSS feeds, etc. And mashups are on the list, as well!

Furthermore, I’m proud to say that Apatar deals with most of these technologies already.

Top Business Mashup Challenges