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Apatar Merge

Apatar Merge greatly facilitates the process of templates and documents creation. It is an application installed directly into the MS Word as a plug-in and designed for generating MS Word letters, emails, faxes etc. to you customers and leads. Create, modify, and send out template emails, faxes, letters, directories, catalogs etc. to various contacts. Apatar Merge also enables to effectively work on report creation retrieving information on contacts, their companies, titles, revenues etc. and inserting it right into the report, template or any other document. By using Apatar Merge users will be able to save an incredible amount of time and effort and thus effectively manage daily correspondence and reporting. Simply install this light-weight application that will appear in the main MS Word window, log-in into your account, and enjoy the benefits of Apatar Merge.

Free, Instant Setup
Do-it-yourself configuration wizard will get you up and running in 2 minutes or less. Just follow the instructions or call (213)-784-4915 for hand holding.
Next generation architecture
Apatar Merge allows getting fields and data from accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, and reports and mash it up into one document.
Flexible Data Selection Options
Apatar Merge offers intuitive functionality to create filters and get data from the exact records that you need.
Small memory and CPU utilization footprint.
World-class Support
Support is provided by Apatar team in the US and Europe over the phone (5 am-8 pm EST), via online ticketing portal, email, online meetings and even Skype!

To schedule a personalized demo, or to learn more about Apatar SalesForce.Com solutions, please contact Apatar.