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Apatar Community Awards 2008


"Community attracted by Apatar has grown significantly over the last 6 months. We appreciate contributions and feedback given by our community team members for the benefit of all Apatar users."

Renat Khasanshyn, founder of Apatar


What's ACA?

A strong community is an important component of an open source project success. Some of our users support the project my making donations or contributing code, some – by submitting datamaps or helping other users at our forums.

ACA (Apatar Community Awards) is our way to say thanx;) to the most active ‘Apatarians’.

Our winners

It was a hard task selecting the winners as we appreciate the input of each community member. Every piece of work our users did and shared with the community is priceless. But in the end it was decided to use numbers (number of features, posts, datamaps etc submitted) to see who our most active users are.

And the top ‘Apatarians’ of 2008 are:

Patryk Szczypien
Software Engineer GmbH

Fixed a problem with the URL-type field in SugarCRM connector.
Fixed a timestamp problem in PostgreSQL connector.
Created CurrentTimestamp function.
Marian Edu
IT Consultant
Project Owner at Ganimede - OpenSource Project

Contributed connectors for ProgressDB versions 10 and 9
Robert Wunsch

Contributed connectors for Salesforce sandbox
Alan Glass
Catley Lakeman Securities

Gerd Wohlgenannt

Georgeann Zitkus

Marek Suchowski (aka maddin)
IT-Consultant CRM/BW/BI
Telematika GmbH

Dave Geller (aka brDave)
IT Analyst -

Paul McGurn (aka paul_lmi)


The winners (Top Developer, Top Datamap Contributer, and Top Forum Member) are granted 15 hours of consulting, redeemable on or before January 30, 2009.

Don't miss your chance to become a top 'Apatarian' next year!