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Integrating and MS Excel

What to back up your records? Need to save some of your data into a file? Want to forget about problems resulting from duplicate entries? We’ve got the solution. Apatar to MS Excel integration solution will help you automatically write your accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities to MS Excel and update this data when needed.


Designed for NO CODING implementations
Apatar simplifies the integration process by enabling you to connect and integrate data in between your and MS Excel. You will enjoy using simple, single graphical user interface, which brings to your desktop all the tools necessary to design, and deploy data integration within hours, not days or weeks.
Next generation architecture
Generates the native SQL code. This results in a performance improvement of as much as ten to twenty times that of traditional data integration tools.
Simplicity of customization
Apatar to MS Excel integration contains all the functionality needed to easily adapt the pre-built mapping to your MS Excel file and to include the fields you need, apply functions, or change transformation mode. For assistance, please review related guides at Apatar’s wiki or call (213)-784-4915.
Metadata management
Save your enhanced integration in XML and re-use it, when needed.
Straightforward evaluation
An open source license allows you to download a fully-functional, no-limitations Apatar Community Edition at no charge. With installation as short as 50 seconds, you will be up and running easier than ever before. Using “point and click” visual mapping capabilities, you could start moving data in between your and MS Excel today.
Custom Integration Available
Apatar to MS Excel solution is designed for fast and non-intrusive customization to integrate data between custom objects and fields between and MS Excel (additional fees apply).
Small memory and CPU utilization footprint.
Reporting and monitoring
Run and error logs recorded.

To schedule a personalized demo, or to learn more about Apatar SalesForce.Com solutions, please contact Apatar.