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Migrating History from GoldMine to Salesforce

Getting started or standardizing on Salesforce? Want to empower your users with customer information across the enterprise and disparate systems? Need to move contacts history activities from GoldMine to Salesforce? Want to avoid custom programming, design and coding as much as possible? We have a solution for you.

Apatar's solution for GoldMine to Salesforce History Migration allows migrating GoldMine contacts’ filed emails, calendar events, invitations and other activities to Salesforce activity history linking the activities to the right contacts. The solution is designed to migrate not only subjects and notes, but also activity codes and results. Replacements set up in the solution will help you replace your GoldMine users with related Salesforce users to avoid loss of data or its quality.

GoldMine history migration


Supported Operating Systems: Win NT, 2000, XP, XP Pro, Win. Server, 2003, Linux RedHat, SUSE Linux, Solaris

Supported Salesforce Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer

Supported GoldMine Databases: MS SQL

Package overview

The package contains a custom Apatar application that works with Professional Edition of Salesforce, history migration datamaps, datamaps gathering all the data needed for solution setup, and a detailed configuration guide. The offer also includes 5 free support hours.


Designed for NO CODINGimplementations
You will enjoy using simple, single graphical user interface, which brings to your desktop all the tools necessary to set the solution up within minutes, not hours or days.
Simplicity of customization
Apatar solution for GoldMine to Salesforce history migration contains a detailed configuration guide describing all the elements of the solutions and their configuration so that you can easily adapt the pre-built mapping to your very specific use case.
Reporting and monitoring
Run and error-logs recorded.



To schedule a demo, or to learn more about Apatar's solutions for GoldMine and Salesforce, please contact Apatar.